Sunday, June 1, 2008

20 Questions; Get to know me stuff

I knit & crochet, but I knit more! I have been knitting for about 30 yrs. I learnt to spin 2 yrs. ago. I spin on a drop spindle & on an Ashford Traditional. I have mostly spun wool, wool blends. I have just bought some cotton to try...I am alittle nervous about it!!

I have knit in worsted weight, double knit & cotton weight alot of my knitting time. I am looking forward to trying other things. I think very fine lace weight would be my least favorite to knit with but I am just guessing there. Probably not extreamely chunky either! My favorite colors are shades of lilac, purple, blues, greens. My least favorite would be oranges & reds.

I am open to trying something new in either yarn or fleece. I love to knit sweaters, socks, scarves, gloves, baby blankets & afgans. I have an afgan sitting in the corner for about 4 yrs that is 3/4 done!! How sad hey!! THe progects that I have done in the last yr are: purse, hats, gloves & half gloves, scarves, baby blankets.

I am currently working on an Entrelac Scarf. I am intrested in learning to learn the toe up socks & the top down sweaters.

I am on Raverly but for know I will keep myself a secret! I love making socks & I am a size 7.5/8 foot. I love milk chocolate, my favorite chocolate bar is caramilk thick & love caramel chocolates. I am allergic to perfumes but I use essential oils for that. I love lavender, jasmine & indian neroli

I have a ball winder & a swift. I keep my dp needles in a vase separated by size, my big ones in a case & the odd ones in a vase.

My birthday is on June 27. I just have eviornmental allergies & perfumes!!

I hope this is helpful to you!!